Rochester, NY, Dental Implant Patients Have Something to Smile About


Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth and are more natural than bridges and more comfortable than partial dentures. Dental implants allow you to regain the ability to eat virtually anything. Since they are designed to mimic the look of natural teeth, patients can smile with confidence. Implants are made of three parts – a small screw-like post, an abutment, and a ceramic crown. The implant is placed into your jawbone where it bonds with the bone, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Dental implants also help preserve facial structure, preventing bone deterioration which can occur when teeth are missing.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Strength and Durability – Your dental implants will function very similarly to natural teeth, unlike dentures that tend to slip and pinch. You will be able to eat your favorite foods with confidence and ease. Both the post and abutment are made of titanium, which is one of the strongest metals known to man and is also biocompatible. This means your body is very unlikely to reject it. If maintained properly, you dental implants will last a very long time. 

Superior Tooth Replacement vs. Alternatives The traditional practice is to replace a missing tooth with a bridge or removable partial denture. These procedures compromise the healthy structure of adjacent teeth in order for them to support the new appliance. The supporting teeth are weakened, putting them at risk for future issues as well as making proper oral hygiene difficult. There are some instances where implants cannot be placed and these types of restorations may be necessary – but we recommend dental implants as your first option. Implants allow you to retain the healthy structure of the adjacent teeth, as well as avoid the need and inconvenience of having to use a removable appliance.

Improves Aesthetics and SpeechDental implants are skillfully designed to mimic your surrounding teeth and therefore have a highly realistic look and feel. This allows you to speak and smile freely without others being able to tell that you’ve had tooth replacement work performed. When people have dentures, they often become focused on using the tongue as a method of keeping dentures in place, which can make speaking effectively difficult. Choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth allows patients to maintain their normal speech patterns.

Dental Implant Illustration

Evaluation for Dental Implants in Rochester, NY

If you are looking for implant dentistry in Rochester, NY, Dr. Park and his staff will do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible during this procedure. First, you will need to come in for a  dental/radiographic examination and health history visit. During these consultation visits, your specific needs and considerations will be addressed by an Irondequoit Family dentist. Your questions and concerns are important to us and our team will work with you very closely to help make your procedure a success.


Surgical Advances in Dental Implants

Using the most recent advances in dental implant technology, Dr. Park is able to place single stage implants. Meaning, the implant can be placed at the same time as the tooth extraction – further minimizing your number of surgical procedures. These implants do not require a second surgical procedure, but do require a minimum of a few months healing time before teeth are placed.

Dr. Park performs the implant surgery, initial tooth extraction, and bone grafting if necessary. We will also make any temporary prosthesis needed during the implant process. After healing of the bone to the implant an Irondequoit Family Dentist fits and makes the permanent prosthesis.

Dental Implant Procedure

The metal post is surgically placed into the jaw bone. Small screw-like posts are then attached to the implant, which protrude through the gums. These posts provide stable anchors for artificial replacement teeth.

For most patients, the placement of dental implants involves two surgical procedures. First, dental implants are placed within your jaw bone. For the first three to six months following surgery, the implants are beneath the surface of the gums, gradually bonding with the jaw bone. You should be able to wear temporary dentures and eat a soft diet during this time. At the same time, your restorative dentist designs the final bridgework or denture, which will ultimately improve both function and aesthetics.

If you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, then Dental Implants can be the right treatment to give you a healthy mouth, natural smile and full chewing capacity. Click on the link below to get your first appointment scheduled.