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Snoring & sleep apnea appliance

Dental sleep medicine refers to an area of dental practice that focuses on the use of oral appliance therapy to treat sleep-disordered breathing, including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep medicine should not be confused with dental sedation methods or sleep dentistry. Dental sleep appliances treats sleep apnea by utilizing a custom0fit oral device that is worn at night while you sleep. Dr. Park brings a wealth of knowl

edge, training, skill, and experience to his patients with these types of challenges.

Sleep Apnea ApplianceAreas of expertise include:

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Snoring Appliances

Night Guards (Bite Guards)

If you or your partner is having difficulty sleeping, you may need to be evaluated for sleep apnea. Contact us and make an appointment. Call (585) 266-4860.