Cosmetic Gum Surgery Rochester, NY

What is Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Cosmetic gum surgery involves surgically modifying the gum tissue to correct the proportions of gums and teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. This procedure may also be called gingival sculpting, gingivoplasty, or gum contouring. Cosmetic gum surgery will ensure that just the right amount of gum tissue in proportion to the length of your teeth is displayed when you smile.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery in Rochester NY

Who Would Benefit from Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Patients who benefit the most from cosmetic gum surgery are those with:

  • A ‘gummy smile’ or low gum line
  • A gum line that is too high as a result of periodontal disease
  • An uneven gum line where some parts of your gum tissue are higher or lower than others

Types of Cosmetic Gum Surgeries

  • Gum Reduction Surgeries (Crown Lengthening and Gingivectomy) – Gum reduction surgery works to reduce the look of a ‘gummy smile’. This happens when your teeth are covered with too much gum tissue, making your teeth appear short. This can be corrected by procedures known as crown lengthening and gingivectomy. During this procedure, Park uses a laser or scalpel to remove the excessive gum tissue to expose more of your natural tooth. This procedure can be performed with more than one tooth to even out your gum line. The result is a more beautiful and confident smile.
  • Soft Tissue Grafting (Gum Grafting) – Soft tissue grafting works to create more gum tissue and is used to cover unattractive tooth roots, reduce gum recession, and protect the roots from decay and eventual loss. The surgery is done for receding gum repair which occurs when the gum tissue pulls away from teeth, which not only compromises the aesthetics of your smile, but also causes other oral issues. Receding gums can weaken the stability of your teeth. Gum grafting surgery corrects this problem by using soft tissue gum grafts. The grafts help recreate gum tissue, which allows it to properly support your teeth. The process of this type of surgery involves obtaining gum grafts from other tissues in your mouth. Usually, the tissue can be obtained from your palate and used to re-sculpt the damaged gum tissue.
  • Bone Grafting – Bone grafting is a common surgical procedure often used to repair tooth loss caused by periodontal disease. It involves adding volume to an area of your jaw to regenerate bone to minimize gum and bone collapse. After the bone graft has been completed, your body’s natural healing process takes over and the grafted bone integrates with your existing bone. For more information about bone grafting, CLICK HERE

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